The box: You can recycle your box in curb-side recycling

The Insulation: Insulation is made of recycled water bottles. It is 100% PET material is #1 recyclable. This is widely accepted at all recycling facilities. Just roll it up and put it in your curbside recycling bin.

The gel ice packs: Ice pack gel is non-toxic and is 99.5% water. The gel substance inside is similar to what goes into baby diapers, while non-toxic, is not safe for consumption and not recommended to be rinsed down a drain as there is potential for it to clog pipes over time. Also, do not apply these gel packs to body parts as they are intended to keep perishables cold during shipment.


  • Gel packs may be rinsed clean and frozen in household freezers to be used in lunch boxes or ice chests to keep perishables refrigerated.
  • Gel packs may be donated to local food banks.


  • The gel packs can be cut open, gel contents placed in a waste bin, and the plastic may be rinsed free of gel and placed in a #4 recycle bin.


  • Whole gel packs may be disposed of in your waste bin according to local and state laws.
  • Gel packs may be cut open and the gel may be spread in an isolated area of yard or garden where pets do not have access. The Glacier Ice gel is 99.5% water and will dehydrate to .5% of its weight. The lining can be processed at recycling centers that accept #4 plastic films.