For our shipped customers:

The box: You can recycle your box in curb-side recycling

The Insulation: Insulation is made of recycled water bottles. It is 100% PET material is #1 recyclable. This is widely accepted at all recycling facilities. Just roll it up and put it in your curbside recycling bin.

The ice packs: Ice pack gel is non-toxic and is 98% water. The gel substance inside, while non-toxic, is not safe for consumption and not recommended to be rinsed down a drain as there is potential for it to clog pipes over time. Cut open the plastic bag and drain the gel into your trash. Process the lining at recycling centers that accept #4 plastic films.

For our hand-delivered customers:

You can set the bag and ice packs out and our delivery person can pick it up on your next delivery.

We are committed to improving our packaging to be easy on the environment and we continually make improvements in that direction.