Whether you are travelling somewhere, fasting or just simply want a break, we are flexible enough for you.

You can pause your subscription for up to 30 days anytime. Deliveries will automatically be skipped during this period.

The good news? You will not be charged every time you pause!

Here's how to pause your subscription:

1. Log in to Taro Peican / Taro Tiffin / Taro Banchan.

2. Go to 'Manage Your Plan'

3. Click 'Pause'

4.  Choose your pause start and end date.. remember you can pause for up to 30 days..


6. Confirm the dates and click 'YES' or 'X' if you want to modify

7.  All deliveries during the duration of your 'pause' will be skipped. There will also be a red bar on top of the calendar during your pause time.

We're always happy to serve you so we made it easy enough for you to resume deliveries. Simply click on 'RESUME DELIVERIES' on the red status bar.