At Taro, we strive to make the ordering and delivery experience as convenient as possible.


Delivery window and delivery times

Taro deliveries are made by third party courier companies such as FedEx, UPS and GSO. The delivery can be tracked directly on their website or phone support using the tracking number of your package. Unfortunately, these couriers do not provide a shorter delivery window or specific time requests for deliveries. They can typically leave the food out in your porch or in front of your door. Our packaging is designed to ensure that the food stays fresh and safe even if you are out, and are not home for delivery. 

Delivery Notification

An email notification is automatically sent by our delivery partner upon completion of your delivery or if any delivery exception occurs. Unfortunately, delivery partners cannot make phone calls or send text messages at the time of delivery or send you an ETA before they deliver.


Specific delivery time requests

Specific delivery time requests can not be entertained by couriers or may cause a delay in the shipping time. In case of FedEx, they provide a service called Hold at Location (click here) - this is a great option if you are not home for delivery and want to pick it up from a Walgreens or FedEx Office nearby.


Delivery at Leasing Office / Mail Room

In many cases for apartment buildings, FedEx/UPS deliver the package to your leasing office or mail room - depending on what is the standard for your apartment building. Please check with your Leasing Office or Building Administrator in case they do not allow package delivery to your door.


  1. All orders can be skipped by the “cut off date” of the menu without any penalty
  2. Orders after the "cut off date" are confirmed and not eligible for a refund. We do recommend that you email us on since we may be able to provide you partial credit for a future order in some situations 

Missing, Spilled or Soiled Items

If any of the meal items are missing, spilled in the bag, or otherwise not acceptable please contact us through the help section in our App. Please provide with the following information:

  1.     The date of delivery
  2.     Order number (if available)
  3.     The items that were missing/spilled /damaged
  4.     Attach pictures of the bag with the spilled/damaged items

We will investigate on your behalf, including contacting the culinary team or delivery service and try to resolve the issue to your satisfaction