Adding food items and describing them attractively and accurately is very important. The better customers understand what you're cooking, and see what they will get, the more likely they are to place an order and stay with your kitchen in future. With your Taro chef console, this can be so simple!

STEP 1: Click on 'Food Items' from the sidebar menu

STEP 2: Click on 'Add New Item'

This will take you to the 'Add New Food Item' page. This page is divided into two sections: Item Overview and Edit Additional Information.

Fill out the 'Item Overview' section.

  • Enter Food name: Assigning an appealing name to your dishes is a way to capture customer attention. Pick names your customers can easily identify.
  • Subtitle: Describe your food briefly or translate it in English if the main name is in another language. It's always better to keep the food's original name on the 'food name' to keep it appealing and authentic.
  • Upload image: Use an image of the food and use the (+) sign to crop it accordingly, a preview of the cropped image will appear on the right.
  • Full food description: Provide more details about this item, you can explain how it is cooked, ingredients list or what's special about it.
  • Select cuisine tags: select tags that can help foodies find your food quickly..

STEP 3: Move to the next section by clicking 'Next'

STEP 4: Give instructions on how to store or prepare your food.

That's it.. you've added a food item.. Don't forget to save!

In the food items page, you can see all your food items and edit them. You can also add food items as your specialties here using the 'View Specialities' button

 Watch it here!

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