Logging into the admin console

STEP 1: 
Go to chefs.tarobites.com 

STEP 2: Log in using the credentials provided by Taro team. This is the same you use to log in to your foodie app on the phone.


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Your Admin Dashboard

a. Sidebar Menu - Everything you need to manage your kitchen. Here you can communicate with your customers, add food items, create your weekly menu, see customer orders, manage payments and more!

b. Profile Menu - This is about you and about how you want your kitchen to be seen by your customers. Personalize your 'kitchen settings' in here.

c. Chef Card - Automatically generated for you by Taro. This virtual card is about you and your kitchen. Easily share this via social media or via e-mail to promote your kitchen to friends and other potential customers. Tell them they can now order food from your kitchen on Taro!

d. Taro Messenger - This is how we can help you, message us anytime in case you get stuck and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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1. Setting Up your Kitchen Profile

STEP 1: Go to the 'Profile Menu' and click on 'Kitchen Settings.'

STEP 2: Kitchen Name - Enter your kitchen name. We recommend that you use an attractive name that reflects your cuisine or style.

STEP 3: Kitchen Description - Briefly describe your kitchen and what's unique about you and your cuisine. Also add your kitchen phone number in the box below.

STEP 4: Chef Bio - Tell your customers why you love cooking and how you got to where you are right now. Here's your space to tell your story!

STEP 5: 
Choose the day of the week you would like to have your menu published. We recommend having your menu published at least 3-4 days before your cooking day. This increases your exposure to potential customers.

STEP 6: 
Choose your typical day of cooking. Don't worry, cooking for Taro is flexible however, having a regular cooking date can increase loyal customers.

STEP 7: Add tags to your menu to enable customers to find items using your tags.

STEP 8: Enter your kitchen address, this will be used as the pick up address in case you have an option for the customers to pick up their food from you directly.

STEP 9: Out of office message: Tell your customers when you’re not cooking and when you’re coming back.

Don't forget to SAVE!

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2. Setting Up your Chef Profile

STEP 1:  Click on profile menu and select 'Chef Profile'.

STEP 2:  Insert your personal details in the dedicated spaces.

STEP 3: Upload your picture and adjust it accordingly, you can drag the square and a preview is available on the right hand side.
            Tip: Add a picture of you in the kitchen or wearing your apron or chef hat..

STEP 4: Add any kitchen showcase images that talk about your cooking and your food. Customers will be able to view these images on the app to learn more about your kitchen.

STEP 5: Select your cooking style in terms of items, spice level and diet type. Again, this helps foodies find you based on their diet preferences.

STEP 6: Save it by clicking on the 'update profile'.

3. Creating Food Item Templates

Food item templates are pre-designed pricing and quantity tables which makes posting your menus faster.

Firstly, go to 'Profile Menu' > 'Kitchen Settings' then 'Food Item Templates on the side bar menu.

STEP 1: Click on the 'Edit' button to start editing templates.

STEP 2: Select unit of measurement.

STEP 3: Specify quantity step and how many people can it serve.

STEP 4: Insert the price per quantity step or customize your own pricing table.

STEP 5: Results are displayed on the right hand side.

... and SAVE

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4. Set up your payment information

Go to the Payments section from the sidebar, and enter your details to get regular payments. Learn more about it here.

5. Customizations

This section lets you tell customers if you can support special requests. Often customers have requests to alter spice levels, use a different oil, remove nuts due to allergies etc. If you can accommodate such requests, complete this section accordingly. Remember, any requests from foodies appear as messages in the chef console. So, please make sure you check your messages to keep track of any foodie requests.

You're all set up now! Start adding food items, and set up your first menu!