At Taro, our aim is to help chefs run their business efficiently and reliably - and we realize that any mistakes during the packaging process leads to both customer dissatisfaction as well as a complete loss for chefs. By ensuring that all the items are clearly labeled, chefs can improve customer experience, reduce questions and concerns and more importantly cut down packaging errors and increase profits.

Recommended Label Printer

We recommend using using a Thermal Label Printer. The main advantages are:

  1. Easy setup and installation, easily portable
  2. Thermal printers require no toner/cartridges/ ink which means ongoing cost of the printer is very low
  3. Unlike Avery labels, the labels can be printed one at a time reducing wasted sheets and saving time and cost
  4. Label Rolls can be bought in bulk in costs as low as $0.005 per label or even less
  5. Prints 51 labels per minute saving precious time in the kitchen

Recommended Printer: DYMO LabelWriter 450 (any other printer of the Dymo LabelWriter family should be okay as well)

Amazon: (available under Prime)


Printer Installation: Refer Printer documentation

Recommended Rolls

Our systems are designed for the 2-1/4" x 1-1/4" size. These enable us to fit all the necessary information in the label and can be auto-generated in our system. We also found them to be the most cost-effective based on our research.

Online Label Purchase at:

Amazon: $0.0079 per label for 1 roll, $0.0059 per label for 10 rolls: (available under Prime) (as low as $0.0039 per label)

An entire $60-70 order should use labels worth only a few cents.

Generating Labels From Taro Chef Console

In your Chef Admin Console at go to the Orders Page, and the click on “Print Labels”

This generates a PDF of the labels file (which looks like the following):

Now, “Print” the PDF to the Dymo LabelWriter 450 printer.

Make sure that the label appears correctly in the left menu. Load up the printer and you are all set to produce your labels!

Caveats and Things to Keep in Mind

At this time, a single label is generated per item, so if a customer orders 32oz of an item, it will generate a single 32oz label and not 2 x 16oz labels. Once we have feedback on the current system, we plan to make changes so that the labels can be made more accurate.

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